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Diary of a Private Investigator: Infidelity to Identity Theft

Cheryl D Ring-Retired Investigations Specialist

I am retired investigations specialist Cheryl D Ring and my podcast is Diary of a Private Investigator where I talk about real cases from infidelity to identity theft. These relatable stories will detail the problems people face and the solutions that can help you avoid future consequences in your relationships. After digging through 28 years of cases; I will share the most enthralling and educational, including my personal story that changed my life in 1999 when nine years into my career I found myself face to face with a sociopath who challenged me to a cat-and-mouse game where, in the end, was up to me to beat him in his own game. This story is about love, lies, and deceit, and the lessons and tips that can help you avoid finding yourself in the most awkward and unbelievable situations that you would never expect to find yourself in. This story is about mind games and crimes that led to a three-week undercover operation to catch a three-time convicted felon who was always one step ahead of law enforcement.... until he wasn’t. My story first aired on the local news in 2000 and was later told by Erin Brockovich on the Lifetime TV Network.  If there is someone in your life whether close or distant and you have a gut feeling that something isn’t right then this podcast is for you.